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Covid-19 & Your Dental Visit

What to Expect During Your Visit

The ongoing spread of Covid-19 has left a lot of our patients with questions on how their dentist appointment will now be handled. After the state of Ohio allowed dentist offices to open back up to patients, ARK dental implemented numerous safety precautions to ensure that all of our patients and employees are safe and will not contract or spread Covid-19 while in our office.

Below you'll find a list of precautions that our office personnel are doing on a daily basis to keep you and your family safe and healthy:

  • Sanitization Station at front door
  • Screen patients 24 hours before appointment & when they arrive
  • Forms to sign & all pens used will be given to patient to keep so they aren’t used by other patients
  • Staggering patient appointments to allow for easier social distancing
  • Employees working with directly with patients wear hair coverings, face shields, disposable gowns, eye protections, and level 3 masks
  • Emailing invoices instead of sending physical copies through the mail
  • If payments are taken in the office, Jenna dons a new pair of gloves to take the card and complete the transaction.
  • Surfaces that come in contact with a patient will be sanitized immediately after the interaction
  • We ask that all patients show up exactly at their scheduled time, and not earlier, to ensure that the reception area is empty.
  • In the event that another patient is in the reception area when you arrive, we only have two chairs that are six feet apart.
  • Kid Treasure Chest has been removed.
  • If someone is checking out up front when we bring a patient back, we go out our other entrance and bring the patient through the back of the office to avoid crossing paths with other patients.
  • We DO allow guardians of minors in the treatment rooms.
  • We take the temperature of all patients, and if needed, their guardians.
  • We take temperatures of all office personnel in the morning upon arrival and check for symptoms. We log this information and allow patients to view it if they desire.

“Your health and safety is our primary concern.”

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